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Who We Are

The Morgan County Block, Inc. was formed in the summer of 2021. This organization saw a need for small food-related businesses in the area to be able to adequately store, prepare and distribute their goods, in accordance with local health department regulations. Until now, commissary kitchen space has been little to none in the northeastern Colorado region. 

In September of 2021, this organization found it’s physical home at The Block, a commercial kitchen and event space located in the beautiful plains of Fort Morgan, Colorado. We offer 12,000 square feet of not only a fully equipped commercial kitchen, but also 6 versatile event spaces,

ready for many occasions. 


Our Mission

The Block is organized for the charitable purpose of providing a mixed-use shared kitchen facility, or commissary kitchen, for the residents of Northeast Colorado. The commissary kitchen will support rural economic development and food equity by providing access to flexible commercial kitchen space and cold food storage to individuals and small businesses currently without access to these crucial services. In addition, this corporation is organized for the charitable purpose of providing a community event space.


Image by Mary Hammel

Our Vision

The vision of The Block stems from the need to provide foundational support to smaller food-related businesses in our rural area. These businesses can benefit from a fully equipped kitchen with specialized appliances to accommodate a variety of cooking needs, without having to invest in commercial kitchen infrastructure themselves which is costly and time consuming.


The opportunity that The Block offers allows businesses to spend their time and resources on building out their business plan, developing product and connecting with consumers, instead of putting their energy towards finding and funding a space to do so. It also encourages businesses to become more familiar with required health code regulations, and licensing protocol in order to operate legitimately. 

When looking to the future, The Block will support not only food-related businesses, but also creators of all kinds in our surrounding rural communities. This space provides a platform for community gathering, and exposure of all that residents have to offer, which we can showcase through craft and art fairs,     small business markets, and special events.

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